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Lightening Fast Networks

Recent Projects

01    a wall of light

Get Your Message Out there

Installed a complete end-to-end communications network for state of the art building NEAR the Cooper Library on campus. Installed an advanced Media Mesh Cabling network to broadcast LED images and video across the entire three-story glass front of the building.  Total # of drops = 2000+.

09182015 - Clemson.JPG

02    get well soon

Timely Treatment, No Exceptions

Project:   Recently completed installing over 250,000 feet of CAT6A cable at the Health Science Education Building and DAS Installation.  Project entailed cabling Lab space environments for Medical School.  Building is a 3-story complex and 2-story parking deck with a sophisticated network infrastructure and pathway.  We installed voice, data, security and A/V cabling, as well.

Total # of drops = 2300.


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

As important as what we do is how we do it. Our attention to detail and to industry standards is why our clients trust us implicitly.

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